For those of you who may not know, every year my husband and Gracie V put on a fitness expo here in San Diego, the Kern Fitness Expo and the Kern U.S. Open. Health and fitness is such a big part of me families life so it’s truly a treat for us to be able to put together such a great fitness event for other people who love fitness as well.

The highlight of the expo is The Kern U.S. Open. It is the biggest powerlifting meets in the entire world. Seeing so many strong men and women come out to compete is so fascinating, especially because I’m a master class powerlifter myself. If you thought women couldn’t be strong, the ladies that come out to the expo are great examples of how women can be fit and strong. Some other great events that occur during the expo are the freestyle wrestling open, ninja warrior, arm wrestling, and kettlebell completion. I took a shot at the ninja warrior course just for fun and I will be the first one to admit that it requires great endurance to complete that course. The expo also makes for a great place to check out different vendors who are selling different fitness and health products so it gives you an opportunity to get more information on companies and try out new products.

            If vendors and powerlifting meets weren’t enough to get you interested in attending next years expo, my favorite part hands down would be all the fitness celebrities/figures we have come out and do meet and greets. Seeing everyone get so excited to meet some popular people who truly are an inspiration in the fitness industry is really a fun time. I had the pleasure of meeting fitness influencers Lauren Drain and  Cassandra Martin, who are two of the sweetest girls. As well as Larry Wheels,  Ed Coan, Stefi Cohen, Stan Efferding, and Tank Machine just to name a few who came out this year. For a lot of people who came out to meet some of the celebrity guest this was a great opportunity for them to get great tips, ask them about their gym workouts or fitness plan. The fitness community is so tight knit and this event really brings us all together in a positive way.

Overall this years Kern US Open was a success. I take great pride in inspiring others to find ways to get fit and live and active lifestyle. We had such a great turnout this year and for me if we were able to motivate at least one person this weekend then we did our jobs. I’m already thinking of all the things we can add into next years expo, so excited to get started planning.

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