My love for Louboutin‘s is at an all time high and has been for a few years now. I know I’m not the only girl who loves a nice pair of red soles, but I will be honest not every pair are made for walking. Here are my top picks from my collection and I’m going to let you know what I really think of them.

Christian Louboutin Exagona black patent leather platform high heels

By far my favorite pair out of them all. These black patent leather beauties are perfect when you want to get glammed up for a night out. I’ve worn them for many photoshoots and I fall in love with them even more each time I wear them. They give great height making your legs look nice and toned. However, don’t plan a night out dancing because they aren’t comfortable at all and they aren’t very stable.

Christian Louboutin Nude Victoria Patent Leather Pumps

I love a nice pair of nude heels and these are the perfect shade. They go with everything, from a casual everyday outfit or a cute dress they have never failed me. Not very practical for walking, I found them to be quiet painful which was odd as I have a good arch. Two thumbs up if you’re wearing them where minimal walking is involved or just for a quick picture.

Christian Louboutin So Kate Pink Pumps

I like to call these pink beauties with red soles my Dorthy from “The Wizard of Oz” heels. Very sparkly, elegant, and eye catching. These shoes are always a conversation starter. They are extremely narrow so unfortunately they’re are another pair of Louboutin shoes that you won’t be doing much walking or standing in.

Christian Louboutin Henrietta Lace and Leather Booties

The newest addition to my collection and I have only good things to say about them. Prior to buying this pair I was a little unsure as the heel is very thin and all I thought was oh boy another pair of beautiful heels that I’ll only be able to sit down in. Louboutin showed me differently as these are the most comfortable pair I’ve ever worn. Last September I was in Vegas and decided to take a risk and wear them to dinner and to do some walking on the strip. No pain and no complaints from me all night. I’m quickly noticing that Louboutin is making the newer heels a lot more practical which is great because I’ll be able to actually wear them out and about.

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