I love when certain beauty tools and products that I used years ago come back and everyone starts going crazy over them. The Jade Roller just so happens to be one of those beauty tools that you have probably seen popping up everywhere. I was excited to share this blog with you all because the Jade Roller is a beauty tool that I personally use and I think every beauty enthusiast should get their hands on one as well.

Right away you’ll notice that the Jade Roller looks a bit like a paint roller but instead it has jade at the end, there are also some dual ended Jade Rollers that have a larger stone on one end and a smaller jade on the other end for use on smaller areas such as the under eyes. In many cultures jade is considered a symbol of prosperity, tranquility, and purity.  Just like our bodies, our face stores a lot of tension causing wrinkles, fine lines, and puffiness. The motion of a Jade Roller is known to help in reducing facial tension. The pressure from Jade also promotes circulation allowing your skin to be much more firm and plump. All great factors when it comes to using a Jade Roller, I like to call it a massage just for my face.

How to use a Jade Roller:

1) When using a Jade Roller you’ll want to start off with a fresh clean face before applying your serum or moisturizer.

2) Store your Jade Roller in ice or in the fridge. Jade holds temperature, and the cooling sensation will reduce under eye puffiness and dark circles which is great in the morning. For your night routine, the Jade Roller will boost circulation helping firm the face.

3) When rolling it is recommended to to start upward  from your clavicle, then work your way up the jawline and neck, then the nose, chin, lips, forehead, and making your under eyes the last area. I prefer to use the smaller side of the roller for around eyes.

4) Voila how easy was that. Wipe your Jade Roller with a damp cloth (never submerge it in water and stay away from hot water) and watch this ancient tool start to do wonders on your face.

The Jade Roller is a tool that is here to stay. Although it’s great for the face, there are a lot of people who use it on their neck as well. So many uses with such a tiny tool.

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